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The Yardfathers specialize in intricate, beautiful, handcrafted hardscaping designs that will transform your living spaces into showpieces. 


There are many advantages of picking pavers over similar materials. Pavers are an attractive alternative to concrete for patios, walkways, or even driveways. Pavers come in a large variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. From simply solid colored to installing your family crest in the middle of your patio, pavesr can be designed to fulfill your hardscape dream. The options are endless. The initial cost of pavers can turn a customer away at a quick glance but in the long run pavers will save you thousands and a lot of frustration. Pavers will outlast any concrete, asphalt, or stone alternative if installed correctly by a professional. Paver maintenance is extremely low and cost-efficient. Choosing a qualified installer is as important as choosing the right paver. We have years of experience, trained by ICPI, and are certified as a concrete paver installer.


If you live in WNC you probably are already an owner of a retaining wall. There are four main reasons for installing a retaining wall:

  1. Structural support - Retaining walls can hold up large parking lots, building, or a hillside. Building a retaining wall that will last and hold up to the desired function requires a professional and the correct installation. The steps to install a retaining wall may be simple but all steps must be completed correctly or the wall will eventually fail.
  2. Preventing erosion and water flow control -  Retaining walls are a great long-term solution to treat erosion and flood issues. Built correctly retaining walls can stop and prevent future erosion and water issues.
  3. Providing a new functional space to your yard - Most people in this area deal with some degree of yard slope. You may own 1 acre of land but only ¼ of it is usable due to the grade of the land. A retaining wall can add usable land by building up an area or to dig out an area for a patio, lawn, driveways, planting beds, and more.
  4. Aesthetics - From concrete block to natural stone a retaining wall can create a beautiful addition to your home. From retaining to freestanding, retaining walls can make a huge different in the function and the aesthetics of your property and home.


Another beautiful material to update your landscape with is natural stone. Natural stone is an organic material that can be used for walls, patios, steps, walkways, rock gardens, boulder placements, and much more. From flagstone to 2 ton boulders natural stone can enhance any area dramatically. The cost of using this material varies depending on size and type of application. Stone can sometimes be a cheaper option though for a permanent structure stone can also be on the higher end because of machine and labor costs. That being said, the maintenance and durability will always outweigh other materials. The initial cost may be higher but in the end this organic material can save you thousands of dollars.


Fire pits, fireplaces and kitchens expand the usage of your outdoor living space. While patios, decks, pools, and lawns gather families and friends during the daytime and warmer seasons, outdoor fire pits and kitchens bring people together during the evenings and cooler seasons. These are typically the most popular structures during those times. Let us help you create a space for family and friends to gather, stay warm, and create priceless memories.