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We are Asheville landscapers that transform your outdoor spaces with custom installations of regionally appropriate plant and rock life that are less "landscaping" and more living art.


Sod  Sod is already mature and better established, solves mud issues and drainage immediately, saves you time and money, is easier to grow in our local soils, and it is instant.

Seed - While appealing in initial cost, seeding takes a while to develop a lush lawn, and takes vigorous maintenance to accomplish a healthy full lawn. In the long run seed can be a better choice due to the benefit of not having to be transplanted and having the choice of what seed you wish to grow.


There are many benefits to landscaping your home with any type of plant or trees, the obvious being visual appeal. Designing and creating appealing landscape makes us comfortable and happy in our environment. If there’s one place we feel safer and comfortable it is in our homes. Why not have that same feeling when we walk outside? There’s also the benefit of our physical and mental health. Enjoying the sight and smells of plants lowers stress and improves our quality of life. Other benefits include raising the resale value on your home, promoting environmental health, water absorption, and animal and insect diversity.


Outdoor lighting allows you to continue to enjoy the beauty of your yard even when it's dark out. It can even make your landscape more dramatic with well-placed outdoor spotlights and washes casting intriguing shadows and highlighting the best plants, water features with underwater lights. While focusing attention on your landscape's most important details,landscape lighting also helps people to safely traverse across it with path and deck lighting guiding the way.


Mulch - There are many benefits to mulching your landscape and home some of those being weed control, retaining moisture for plants, preventing erosion, maintaining soil nutrients, and pest control. Mulching is also a simply way to make your landscape pop and stand out among your surroundings.

Gravel - Gravel, like mulch, can have an appealing effect on your landscape. Although you lose the benefits of water retention and soil nutrients, there many benefits to choosing gravel over mulch. For one, extremely low maintenance. Typically you won't have to replace or replenish your beds. And although the initial cost is higher, the long-term cost can save you thousands. Plus, the visual appeal is fantastic.



Benefits of curbing and new beds relate directly to plant and tree installs. They increase property value, personal health, curb appeal, the environment, and will usually force you to get some physical exercise.



The biggest advantage of drip irrigation is that less water is used to irrigate plants and the water used is applied directly to desired location. With less water we get a decrease chance of pesticides and weeds. Overwatering can also be a cause of mold and disease that can kill surrounding flora. Drip irrigation systems save you time, money, and can also protect your plants and soil.